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    FloLight BladeLight

    High CRI - Professional Video and Photo Linear LED Light 



    For more Details including Photometric Data and Features on the BladeLight Click HERE

    BladeLight Color Temp CRI

    • 3200K   -  98CRI
    • 5600K   -  96CRI
    • Bi-Color -  98CRI - 96CRI
    • Green    -  For use with GreenScreen


    "This light is perfect for anyone who's been hesitating to make the move to LED's from your traditional hot lights, or videographers and photographers that prefer high end fluorescent fixtures, because it's the most flexible light on the market, essentially performing as a standard Fresnel, Fluorescent Panel, Cyc Light, SoftPanel, and LED Panel all in one light" 

    FloLight's BladeLight is a Professional Video and Photography Open Faced COB (Chip on Board) LED Light, that outperforms standard Panel LED, and SoftPanel LED Lights with it's Linear LED Form Factor, Incredibly High CRI Rating of 96, Focusable Beam angle from 120° Flood Light to a 20° Spot light, with incredible LUX Output of 13,000 (avg) at 1 meter (Around 3 Feet). Trusted by Professionals around the world the BladeLight uses LEE's Zircon 810 Diffusion to create an incredible Soft wrap around Light equivalent of high end Fluorescent lighting but with better color rendition and output at a fraction of the footprint. DayLight versions include Zircon 806, and 809 precut Amber warming filters for incredible flexibility of color temperature. Bicolor is now Shipping | DMX versions are now shipping and available here SHOP BLADELIGHT DMX


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      BladeLight Manuals: Compressed (WEB) | Print (Download)


    The BladeLight uses linear strips of high density, high power COB LEDs. The linear LED array includes a variable height lens to offer multiple beam angles of 120/60/20 degrees. The lens not only shapes the light but magnifies it for a brighter light.


    The BladeLights unique length in 36" and 18" versions allows the BladeLight to act like a Longer tube fluorescent lighting solution. Placing diffusion on the Barndoors, or Silks in front of the BladeLight create a much stronger Soft Panel LED lighting solution.

    Unlike standard Softpanel LED Lighting solutions, the BladeLight is also flexible to offer incredible sharp cuts, by shaping the light with the included barn doors. Standard LED Panels have slotted shadows (Muliple shadows) when you cut the light with their attached Barndoors or Flags. Soft Panel LED's simply cannot have an effective cut, because of the nature of diffused light.

    The BladeLight unique patent-pending linear design offers beautiful wrap-around light when positioned horizontally and infinite shadow control when turned towards a vertical orientation.

    QUALITY LEDS The BladeLight is available in Daylight, Tungsten, Bicolor*(Coming Soon) and Green versions for use with green screens. With the green LED version you can light a green screen 10 feet wide by 10 feet high with just two lights. The Daylight/Tungsten LEDs offer 95+ CRI with high R9 and R12 values for perfect skin tones.


    You can control light output with a manual dimmer or through any IOS or Android device via Bluetooth 4.0 control. Dim individual lights or dim by groups. Turn all on/off with a single click. Create preset scenes for recall later for perfectly matched shots.


    BladeLights are available in 18" and 36" inch lengths with 1,2 or three linear arrays per light.* All lights can be attached either end to end or top to bottom to create a wider and/or longer light. The low profile design is perfect for lower ceilings offering unmatched light output and control in the tightest spaces.


    Now includes LEE Zircon Diffusion and Gels

    Includes LEE Zircon Diffusion 810 in all models (Precut to fit in Channels)

    Includes for 5600k Daylight Models, Zircon 809, 806 warming and Tungsten/Amber correction gels. 


    Specifications and Features

    • Softbox like wrap around light
    • iPhone & Android remote control*
    • High power up to 100w!
    • Focusable - 3 selectable beam angles 20 - 120 with Included Lens
    • Razor Sharp LIght Control
    • 95+ CRI Rating
    • 12,792 LUX - 1 Meter (36" 20° Beam Angle)
    • Green LED versions for perfect green screen
    • Connect end-end, side-side
    • Two slide-in channels for diffusion and filters (Includes LEE's Zircon 810 Diffusion) (For daylight order LEE's Zircon 809, 806 1/4 Amber - Full Amber Included) 
    • Barndoors cut light razor sharp
    • Available in 18" 50 Watt (500 Watt Hot Light Equivalent) or 36" 100 Watt (1,000 Watt Hot Light Equivalent
    • BladeLight LED Strips Available in Daylight, Tungsten, and Green for use with a GreenScreen. Bi-Color coming soon. 
    • 18" 5lbs (8lbs with Mount)
    • 36" 10lbs (13lbs with Mount)
    • Carry Case included 18" and 36" for Replacement Cases please visit this Link
    • Single Color Battery Mounts include External Controller 
    • Gold Mount (Anton Bauer) and VMount Battery Mounts available for single color 18" and 36" Units
    • Bi-Color 18" and 36" units include Gold Mount (Anton Bauer) or VMount 
    • Safety Chain and Eyebolt lock included - for legacy customers please visit this link to purchase the New Backplate / Safety Chain and Eye Bolt
    • Gel Holder and Lens end cap Holder are include - for legacy customers please visit this link to purchase the End Cap Gel and Lens Holder
    • Diffusion and 3200K (Full CTO & 1/4 CTO) Color correction filters included on 5600k, Diffusion on other Units - Replacement Gels available here
    • Lens is included - Replacement Lenses are available here
    • Incredibly durable Light Body - (all of the sensitive technology has been taken out of the light fixture, making the BladeLight incredibly durable). 
    • Upgradeable (Most of the future upgrades will not require a new BladeLight, but with it's modular design - most upgrades will simply be Add-Ons to your standard BladeLight for both the 36" and 18" versions)


    The BladeLight Behind the Scenes on set "I May Regret"

    See how well it performs for Professional Filmmakers in tight situations! Special thanks to the director Graham Streeter







    Online  Reviews and videos

      BladeLight Manuals: Compressed (WEB) | Print (Download)


    *(Add on Features Release date TBD)

    *(DMX Controls Now Shipping)  

    *(Double Strip LED and Triple Strip LED BladeLights currently not shipping, release date TBD) 

    *(Bi-Color now shipping)

    *Patent Pending on FloLight BladeLight Product and Accessories


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    • FloLight BladeLight, First Look at the BladeLight on set with Nick Mahar
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    FloLight BladeLight, First Look at the BladeLight on set with Nick Mahar

    Limited PreSale Stock for 36" and 18" BladeLight available now at or call 408-866-9100 to Order your BladeLight today. First Look at the FloLight's BladeLight on set with local Bay Area cinematographer, Nick Mahar, filming Winter, by artist Noah Mac. Nick describes how the BladeLight has a revolutionary ability to be the First and Only LED Light that allows you to Cut Light, like a Fresnel - and adjust the Beam Angle between 20° or 60° with it's Lens Channel System, or you can Remove the Lens completely for a 120° wide open beam angle. Nick got some of his favorite shots ever with the Bladelight, and pretty soon you can as well.
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  • Other Details

    Controls: Wireless Remote
    Light Type: Soft Strip LED
    Light Type: 500 - 1,000 Watt Equivalent
    Light Type: COB-LED
    CRI: 97+
    Light Type: Portable
    Power: Gold Mount
    Power: V-Mount
    Power: AC
    Dimming: 0 - 100$
    Colors: 5600K
    Colors: 3200K
    Colors: BiColor
    Colors: Green (For GreenScreen)
    Light Type - Setup: Fill
    Light Type - Setup: Key
    Light Type - Setup: Cyc-Wall
    Light Type - Setup: BackLight
    Light Type - Setup: Rim or Hair Light
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