BladeLight High CRI LED Lighting




The Worlds Most Versatile High CRI Professional Video and Photo COB LED Lighting


FloLight BladeLight products are cool, lightweight, cost effective, and of course brilliant. All BladeLight's 5600K feature 96+ CRI (R9 97 for 5600K) and 98+ CRI For 3200k models providing spot on color temperature for rich, accurate colors. We offer Bi-Color for the best of the color temperatures and an even more functional light for location lighting. They are built to last with all metal construction for years of dependable use.

All BladeLight Feature

  • All metal construction
  • 20°/60°/120° Beam Angle with Lens Spot (20° / 60°) without lens an Even 120° Flood
  • 10-100% Flicker Free dimming
  • 5600k 96 CRI and 3200k 98 CRI for accurate color temp
  • Bi-Color now shipping
  • Vmount and Anton Bauer battery mount for portable power
  • Free Barndoors with every Light for the first LED Panel that Cuts like a Fresnel
  • High Quality LEE's Zircon PreCut Color Correcting Gels, or Diffusion
  • 2 Channel Slots for Color Correction / Enhancing Gels and Diffusion
  • Double Ball mount for easy and infinite positioning



The BladeLight uses linear strips of high density, high power LEDs. The linear LED array includes a variable height lens to offer multiple beam angles of 120/90/60 degrees. 5600k Daylight models have a very high 96 CRI and 3200k Tungsten Models have a near perfect 98 CRI.     (more info)


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BladeScreen - Green Screen BladeLight

The BladeScreen, green screen BladeLight, has been specially designed using a green dyed COB LED strip that provides perfect green saturation across a Green Screen or turns a white background into a Green Screen.   (more info)



From $499.00


BladeLight KITS

BladeLight Kits are available in just about any possible combination of 3 or more BladeLights. You can choose from one of our PreBuilt kits or Build your Own! All kits come with Free Soft Cases for each light, Free Light Stands (1 per light), and aFree Carrying case!        (more info)


From $1,497.00



Powerful, Portable, Versatile, High CRI, Reliable Build and Performance.

BladeLight Cut single direction, like a Fresnel

The BladeLight includes Barndoors, that are there for more than holding Gels and Diffusion,. The Barndoors allow t he BladeLight to be cut in one direction, with it's revolutionary Linear LED Strip design. This is the first and only Panel LED light that performs like a Professional Film light. Gaffers who have spent years using Hot Lights are incredibly excited to add the BladeLight to their lighting kits.

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Lens - Focusable Light

The BladeLight features 3 beam angles that are available by sliding the included lens into one of the two available channels or by removing the Lens completely. The top channel will give you a 20° spot light, the lens in the middle channel will give you a 60° beam angle, and by removing the Lens completely you will get a wide open, 120° flood light.

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Portable Power

The BladeLight is upgradeable for portable power without the need of tools or complicated alterations to your light. We offer the battery mount as an easy add-on item to power your BladeLight on the go. The BladeLight battery mount works with V-Mount and Gold-Mount (Anton Bauer) batteries. It also cuts down on additional wires by keeping all of the cords off the light, and building dimming and (for Bi-Color Only) color shift directly into the new BladeLight battery mount fixture.

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Gels and Diffusions

We have tested and found some of the highest quality, and longest lasting Gels and Diffusion for the BladeLight. All DayLight models come with CTO, 1/4 CTO, Full Diffusion and 1/8 Diffusion. Other models come with Full Diffusion and 1/8 Diffusion. We use LEE's Zircon Gels and Diffusion 806, 809, and 810. Photometric Data on CRI Quality and Lumen output with Diffusion and Gels Coming Soon Link.

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Double Ball Mount

The BladeLight features a Double Ball mount that has a 25lb weight capacity, and allows the BladeLight to easily be positioned into any and every position possible without having to adjust your CStand or Light Stand, adding to the overall efficiency of the BladeLight.

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Wrap like a Softbox or Key and Fill

Because the form factor of the BladeLight with it's Length you can simply rotate the BladeLight opposite the angle of your subject to get a Wrap around look, or provide a High Key and Fill when lining it up with your subject. The Zircon Gels turn the BladeLight into a SoftStrip LED with a 120° Flood of Soft and Smooth lighting with perfect single source shadows.

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BladeLight High CRI

The BladeLight has incredibly High CRI.
The 3200K Tungsten BladeLight rates 98 CRI.
The 5600K BladeLight rates 96 CRI.

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Powerful 18"

Giving you 50 watt or a 500 watt hotlight equivelant the 18" BladeLight provides more than adequate performance while leaving a fraction of the footprint left by most of the competition.

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Powerful 36"

Giving you 100 watt or a 1,000 watt hotlight equivelant the 36" BladeLight provides performance above most standard 1K panels.

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The BladeLight is the first LED Panel that allows you to Focus from a spotlight 20° beam angle, moving the lens one channel down you can open the light up to a larger spotlight at a 60° beam angle, and by simply removing the lens you can open up to a 120° flood light.
The barndoors do more than hold gels, as you can easily achieve razor sharp cuts giving you full Control like no other LED Panel.
Sliding the Zircon 810 Diffusion into one of the two available Gel and Diffusion channels produces Soft Panel lighting with a giant 120° spread.
The BladeLight is the most Versatile LED Panel giving you functions of a Fluorescent, LED Panel, Fresnel, and SoftPanel all in one light.

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