BladeLight Green Screen User Feedback


The BladeLight is shipping soon.Here is what one of our beta testers has to say about the Green LED Bladelights he has been using intensively since early this summer.

Raymond Yuen, is a senior videographer and photographer at a major Silicon Valley corporation in the graphics hardware space.  He is using 2 of the Green LED Bladelight 36” models with our Cyclight hung over head in the center.Here is what he has to say:“The BladeLights give us high luminance, high saturation, perfect even luminance, dead even, 40 on the waveform a straight line across.This is the first time our compositors have not complained about a green screen for After Effects, Premiere etc. All the gaffers I work with are very impressed with the Bladelight.Time is money and it cuts our setup time by 2/3’s.“

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