FL-330 Food Photos from Mark Ferri NYC

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NYC food photographer Mark Ferri is using our FL-330  Fluolrescent fixture to get the soft wrap-around look you see here.  Some of Mark's work can be seen here,

regarding Mark,

♦ Believes in a simple, direct approach that captures the natural beauty and appetite appeal of food.
♦ Creates a calm and focused atmosphere during shoots so that everyone can relax and do their best work.
♦ Celebrates a life-long passion for food by frequently exploring new restaurants in New York and in Europe, and loves to cook and entertain at his home in the Hudson Valley.
♦ Collaborates with the best food and prop stylists in the business.
♦ Has shot more than 25 cookbooks for the Food Network, Mario Batali, Atkins, Debra Ponzek, B. Smith, Lauren Groveman, and many more.
♦ Works with every major food and lifestyle magazine.
♦ Creates memorable images for top national food brands.