Lixi Studios, nature videos and Flolight 1024

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We just received an email from Samantha at Lixi Studios....

"We here at Lixi Studios are long time FloLight customers. We have a whole kit of your LED lights (the Microbeam 1024 being our favorite) and love them! We recently put together a trailer for our nature show, which is in the link below. We used the lights to for almost all of the slow motion animal setups (since slow motion requires much more light--even outdoors sometimes). 

They're portable enough for daily use, and the various color temperatures you offer makes it so that we don't always need colored gels.

Here's the video link to the nature trailer:

And here's a link to a BTS video of shooting the foxes (where we give a shoutout to the lights and show them in use):

And attached you'll find pictures of us using them. Thanks again for making such great lights!"