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Rivr Media lights the Great Llama Race promo with Flolight

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David Bollinger of Rivr Media in Knoxville TN lit a mama Llama and offspring for a promo for the Great Llama Race for non-profit Casa de Sara. David used multiple LED-1024's to light the video promo.  David has used Flolights for a number of years both on location and in studio.  

"The race will be run in heats, with the final heat determining 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. The winning schools will win a percentage of funds raised to go to a project of their choice. Southeast Llama Rescue will also receive a percentage of the funds raised, with the remainder of the money going to Casa de Sara, an international non-profit with headquarters in Knoxville. All of Casa de Sara’s proceeds will go to sponsor their elementary school in La Guardia, Bolivia."