All Flolight products have a one year warranty and are supported directly by Flolight staff in Campbell CA.  If you have setup or return questions please call or email us directly.  If you are having any issues with a Flolight product please contact us for help trouble-shooting or to return the product.

For direct support of your Flolight product please either call or email us.

408-866-9100 x 102

You can also submit a support ticket here




Q:  Why should I buy a Flolight product? 

A:  Flolight products are designed and sold by staff who have years of production experience, so we not only sell you a light but can sell you the right light and assist you after the purchase.  We have years of field and studio experience that help us better support our customers.  Whether you buy from a reseller or direct we offer you the same quality support.


Q:  Is there warranty coverage for my Flolights? 

A:  Flolights have a one year warranty and we can evaluate older lights for repair in our facility in Campbell, CA.  If you need to return a light to us please contact us for an RMA return number.


Q:  You offer a lot of different lights, I'm not sure what to buy. 

A:  We are provide you with suggestions on which lights might work well for you.  We also are happy to quote you on setups for entire studios or just location kits.


Q:  What hours are you "open"? 

A:  Our online store is open 24/7.  Our offices in Campbell CA are open 7:30am - 5:00pm Pacific Standard Time.  Order placed online over the weekend ship the next business day.


Q:  My light was working fine but now one of the tubes is not lighting. 

A:  Fluorescent tubes can get loose in the socket when being shipped or transported.  Be sure to check if the tube is firmly seated in the socket.  Also, if a tube gets a small crack it may stop lighting correctly and if one tube is out it's "neighbor" may also not light as the tubes are ballasted in pairs.  If there are no cracks in the tubes and they are firmly seated please call or email us for support.


Q: How can I get one of my Flolights repaired? 

A: Call us at 408-866-9100 or email and request a return authorization number.  Once we give you that number the RMA number should be put on the outside of the return box and the unit sent back to us.


Q: I bought my Flolight from one of your resellers, do I just send the light back to them? 

A: We can work directly with you whether the light is under warranty or not.  For lights that are a year or less old we will ask you to forward your invoice to us to validate the warranty coverage.


Q: How quickly can I get my order? 

A:  Most orders are shipped same or following business day.  If an item is back-ordered we contact you to advise delivery dates.


Q:  I lost a part from my light, and I don't see it on your website, what do I do? 

A: We have parts for most products we have sold.  Contact us and we will advise you on availibility and price.